CHAPTER 4: Safety Plan

SOP and By-laws

1.      Emergency Procedures

1.1.   Take charge of the situation.

1.1.1.      Cease firing, unload, and stay in place commands are issued.

1.1.2.      Evaluate the situation.      Determine if the injury is a Minor or major injury.

1.1.3.      Designate helpers, if necessary to

1.2  Render Aid.

1.2.1        Training and equipment               First aid training & CPR are required for paid RSOs.              The first aid kit is currently located inside the range office. The trauma kit is located on the firing line adjacent to the exit door.              Determine level of care (Do you Treat or call for help?).       Gather information for emergency phone call.

1.3  Call for help

1.3.1        Phone numbers are posted by the phone.

1.3.2        Give dispatcher necessary information.       Location (The Physical Address).       Phone number of where the call is being made.       Your name.       What happened.       Number of people injured.        Condition of injured.       Location of person who will direct help to the scene.

1.4  Direct help to the location.

1.4.1        Position one or more persons to direct the emergency vehicle.      On the main road to the entrance of the facility.      On the road to the range.      Outside the building.

1.5                        Take notes (Reports).

1.5.1        Take notes on the times actions were taken.

1.5.2        Get statements from witness(es) and quarantine from each other.  Separate them from each other.

1.5.3        Complete the required SOP’s form.

1.5.4        Notify authorities if necessary.

1.6             If there is a local emergency not connected with the range, all personnel and patrons shall be kept inside the range proper until such time as an all clear is given.

2. Dealing with the Media.

2.1                       All information about any incident should be given to the Secretary of Issaquah Sportsmen’s Club or his/her designee.

2.2                        Remind all persons involved that they are not to talk to the media.

2.3                        All questions from the media are to be directed to the President of Issaquah Sportsmen’s Club or his/her designee.