Proposed by-laws change

Issaquah Sportsmens Club

Proposed Bylaw Change Ratified bylaws change

Items in Green were approved at the September Meeting 2012

Items in Red were also ratified in the December meeting December 2012

Section 3 – Classes of Membership
ISC shall have three classes of membership, designated as follows:
Annual Members:    Subject to conditions of membership

Family Membership:  A family membership shall include the member, their spouse (significant other) and their immediate family age 17 or under. The child’s membership may be extended if they are enrolled full time in high school or college to age 22.

Life Members:             The EC, at its sole discretion, may grant Life Membership status to an Annual Member who has been an Annual Member for at least the previous five years, is a member of a national shooting sports organization and maintains membership therein, and has demonstrated a strong interest in the Club by participation in Club activities.  Life Members shall have all of the privileges of Annual Members, including the right to vote.  Voting shall be by secret ballot with a requirement of all EC members attendance voting in affirmative for passage.  Life Members shall not be required to pay dues. ISC members granted Life status prior to the implementation of these bylaws will retain that status.

Life membership is an honor bestowed on an individual for outstanding service to the Club.  It cannot be requested by a member but must be implemented and sponsored by a member of the EC or another life member and must gain concurrence of the EC.  The nominee must have demonstrated a meritorious contribution to the Club or on the Club’s behalf.  This effort must be a momentous effort, e.g., an outstanding commitment of time working on Club activities, e.g., work parties, accounting, teaching firearm or hunter safety courses or selfless donation to club projects or community service on the Club’s behalf.  The sponsor shall present their recommendation to the EC for consideration at a regular meeting and the members shall have an opportunity to discuss the candidate and provide their opinion of the nomination.  The EC shall vote on the nominee after the meeting has concluded by secret ballot and the decision shall be announced at the next regular meeting.
Life Members shall not be required to pay dues.


Article VIIBoard of Directors

Section 1 – Directors
The Board of Directors (BOD) shall be comprised of five (5) persons to be elected in accordance with provisions of this article. Each Director must be a member of this organization in good standing. Employee’s will not be eligible to serve as members of the BOD.

An outgoing President (one who has not been re-elected) shall automatically become one of the five Directors for the year immediately following the term of his presidency and four (4) Directors shall be elected in that case.

Article VIII – Officers

Section 1 – Organization Officers

The Officers of ISC shall be: a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer, to be elected in accordance with the provisions of this article. Each officer must be a Life or Annual Member of the organization in good standing. Employee’s will not be eligible to serve as officers of the club.