As a Novice When should I come?


Since I’ve never been to a gun range before, what would be the best time for someone like myself to come so I can fully understand rules and etiquette perhaps a time when the RSO can coach me?

Answer: Picking a time to come is difficult to predict since range usage varies widely.  Rarely are we full up where you couldn’t find a bench to shoot at.  But, generally, the first thing in the morning tends to have a lot of shooters, then it tapers off, so at 1:30 there’s fewer and then it gets more crowded around 2:30 it then tapers off starting around 4.  We close at dark or 6 which ever comes first.  Weekends are more crowed than weekdays and there’s more shooters in September and October due to hunter’s sighting in their rifles.  So, bottom line – just show up and we’ll do what we can to help you get into the flow of the range. Shooting here is really easy – not regimented. We typically have pretty knowledgeable shooters that are willing to help newcomers. If you mention your concerns when you check in our RSO's will do all they can to answer questions and help get you up and running comfortably.

Read up on the range rules ahead of time that will give you a pretty clear idea of what is expect.

In general we have roughly 20 minutes of time to shoot between cease fires. A cease fire is where you get a chance to put up targets and go down range to look at your bullet holes (or lack there of).  We inspect all firearms before the cease fire and monitor the firing line during the cease fire to assure no one is handling a firearm.  We have targets for sale at the range but we do not sell ammunition.